Monday, December 27, 2010

cow party

I realize I'm a bit behind on posting this. But better late than never right?

The party was so great. I was worried about having 25 people in our tiny little house, but it worked out well. It was very cozy and not too cramped at all. The adults had coffee and chatted while the little ones played.  Little man was SO excited to have all of his favorite people together at HIS house! It made all the work worth every second.

First up: The cupcakes. Oh my word!!! I can not take credit for these. My good friend, Beth, made them. Are they not the most adorable things you've ever seen! She is so talented. Kaplan LOVED them!

Next up: the table. I wanted a cow themed party, but didn't necessarily want cows everywhere. I chose black, tan, and light blue as the main colors and tried to work around that. I really like burlap and thought it would be a great table covering for a cow party. The Moo sign is a picture I have hanging in that spot. I just wrapped it in brown craft paper and printed the letters to spell MOO off the computer.

I have seen multiple places online the idea of printed water bottle labels. So this is not an original idea. But I really think little touches like this make a complete look. And the haystacks and cow patties....well...those are just for fun!

I made this bunting out of a cow print material. I actually had planned to do it out of paper which would have taken a lot less time. But I waited too long and couldn't find any cow print paper and could only find the material. But I'm actually glad it worked out that way. I loved the way it turned out. I made it planning on using it on the front of the table, but when we started decorating, my husband suggested this spot and I liked it better. Cow corner was not something I planned on until set up. Kaplan has just a few cows, so I wanted to have a special spot for the. They were a big hit!

Next: Party favors! We made cow crayons. They were so easy to make. I got the idea from the blog homemade by Jill She did a car themed party for her little boy and made car crayons. When I went to the link she put up for the candy molds I found the cow candy mold. It was what really got my wheels turning about doing a cow themed party. I also made little coloring sheets to go in the favor boxes. I bound them together with my sewing machine. And a cow party wouldn't be complete without a cowbell necklace!

And a number 2 shirt for the big birthday boy. I made him a 1 shirt last year and I figured this might be the last year I can pull this look off. My sweet boy is growing too fast!! I just cut a 2 out of felt and hand stitched it on with embroidery floss. This is my all time favorite way to applique a shirt. I really just love the simple look of it.

He really had a great time! Even though his face doesn't seem like it in this picture. He was a little put out I picked him up and made him be still for a photo!

And another year down. Can't believe he is already 2. Time really does fly by.


  1. How cute! How did you make the haystacks?

    1. I make them by just melting chocolate chips in the microwave and adding crispy chinese noodles -- stir and spoon out in stacks on wax paper!
      EASY I've also made them as chocolate worms by pulling them apart on the wax paper. I teach school and my entire class made them with me-- whichever shape they wanted. It takes about a half hour or so to firm up so you can remove them from the paper.